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Since 1994 Avitage has supported business enterprise groups in sales, marketing, training and the sales channel, that are dependent on effective content to achieve their objectives.

Many B2B marketing and selling organizations that sell complex, solution oriented offers, have adopted a strategy of educating prospects with content that is relevant and useful to buyers, in order to find and be found by those buyers. This is typically referred to as inbound or content marketing.

Most companies struggle to produce a constant stream of quality content that meets the many new requirements this new strategy introduces. This lowers performance of content dependent programs like lead generation, sales and the sales channel.

Through our 20 years of producing content we determined the traditional, project oriented, creative craftsman approach to content, cannot meet these new requirements.

We developed a more leveraged and efficient content operations model that we adapt to fit each company’s situation, and teach them how to manage. You can think of this as a content supply chain process.

Our enterprise customers tell us this approach helps them get the most out of their content and content investments. Most importantly, they grow revenue faster by attracting new customers. They lower selling costs by shifting lead generation and other activities from less effective, high cost, direct sales resources, to lower cost, more effective tactics.

And, they realize a new, strategic business objective: to acquire data on customers and buyers that gives them a competitive advantage going forward.

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