About Avitage

Since 1994 Avitage has provided services that help B2B marketing and selling organizations grow revenue and beats by dre lower operating costs by creating content that helps them achieve objectives more effectively and efficiently.

Effective January 1, 2014, Avitage began operating as Avitage Consulting LLC. This reflects the shift in services and direction of the company, from primarily a software and content beats production company, to a consulting and program management company.

Avitage Point of View

Avitage Business Model

We employ a services business model. This means we partner with our customers, becoming part of your team.

In this way we provide a middle resource between your internal team and resources, and outsourced production companies and agencies. Our services help you get the most from investments in third party expertise, while minimizing their low value activities.

Your strategies and leadership are leveraged as we apply our program, processes, policies and procedures to your environment. Your proven practices are supplemented with industry best practices and new methods we recommend.

Our delivers to customers a proven, documented program implemented by experienced program managers. Customers are up and running within 90 days and proficient within a year.

This results in higher levels of content quality and operational maturity. Content outputs, along with functional and business outcomes, are realized faster, with fewer failures, missed opportunities and the cost of internal learning curves.

Our expertise is transferred through an apprenticeship model to your staff where appropriate.

Our program management services can operate during a ramp up period, or as a scaled ongoing service.

Our project management services can be applied to particular aspects of important content projects. Some of our unique project services include:

  • Planning core and extension content deliverables for content projects
  • Conducting structured subject-expert and customer interviews for input to projects and Content Source
  • Video strategy, planning and execution management
  • Project operations review for quality control and complete application of publishing processes and procedures
  • Project review and recommendations around problem areas


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