Content Operations Management Operationalize ECS

Newton's Cradle
Are you a:
content constituent – marketing, sales, channel manager? You must requisition content with defined specifications

Companies need a different Content Production Model
Content creators & operations need a new operations model to meet constituent requirements

content as a strategic imperative
Business executives must view content as a strategic imperative

  1. Is Content Operations Your Next Focus Area?

      Business-to-business selling organizations that have adopted inbound and content marketing strategies to deliver relevant, useful, educational content to prospective buyers should give this question serious consideration. Four factors implicate this as a possible requirement: Universal business drivers Each company’s go-to-market goals, strategies and plans Content strategy and requirements Challenges...
  2. Don’t Just Curate Content – Harvest

      This blog published on the blog. Curate content to address many content challenges marketers face. Current curation practices focus on automatically generating newsletters, primarily based on third party articles. This approach severely under-utilizes this important tactic. The harvest step is perhaps the most significant part of our curation practice. When we curate...